PUFF provides Fire Protection and Emergency Medical First Response Services to the unorganized townships of Pellatt, Umbach, Gidley and Pelican and in those adjacent areas having Mutual Aid agreements with PUFF.

A Brief History on PUFF

PUFF Bylaws

Who We Are

The Pellatt United Firefighters is a team of volunteer community members who respond to fire and emergency first response calls. The team practices every Tuesday night all year round.

Once certified as a firefighter, team members respond to calls dispatched through a centralized emergency call system.

Board Members

Nick VanderZande    (Chairman)
Ron Mauthe            (Vice Chairman)
Rob Hrabec            (Treasurer)
Doug Farough
Alexis Peplinski
Bonnie Baltessen
Ray Howard
Fred Moeller
Randy Hill
Gil Desroches
Ken Guntner