Weather Information

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Wild weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity and coming ever closer to our area. All residents should be aware of their effects.

Weather WATCHES are possible event that May occur where you are.

Weather WARNINGS are probable events. The WILL happen somewhere during the time frame stated.


Possible high winds, heavy rains, hail, lightning strikes.

Stay out of the water

Stay out of the clear areas like golf courses and meadows

If caught outside, do not shelter under tall trees.

Stay away from windows until after the storm passes

Lightning strikes can occur 30 minutes after the storm.


Severe weather approaches. Take shelter at once.

Very high winds, heavy rain, hail are all common to severe weather watches and warnings. You may not see an approaching funnel clouds. They can touch ground at any moment and become a tornado.

Stay inside. Take shelter in basement near corners and walls. If you are in a building without a basement, choose an inside room or closet, lay in the bathtub or under heavy furniture. Stay away from windows and doors.

Do NOT take shelter in vehicles. Cars have been picked up and thrown hundreds of feet. Get out and lie in a ditch or culvert or low area.

Say out of boats.

Be aware of WATERSPOUTS. However small they are tornadoes and can be very dangerous.

Stay in shelter until after these storms have passed.

We cannot emphasize the danger of these weather events enough. They can cause tremendous damage and injury; even death.

Stay calm. Stay safe.

Common sense will see you through most emergency situations.

For more information check out our emergency plans on this website.