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Campfire Safety

(from the Laclu Campers' Association Facebook Page)

Ok Laclu folks, let's be a little more careful and a whole lot more responsible, while enjoying the lake.

Fire Dept. got a call this evening for smoke showing in the area of the Rope swing on the south side of the lake down past the portage into Louise Lake. We responded by boat and as we came around Pincushion Point we could see the smoke over the trees. We climbed up the Rock to the top and found an unattended campfire against the rock wall with 4 logs on it in full flame, and not a soul around.

Took 4 of us to extinguish, 2 climbed to the top and with ropes pulled up 5 gallon pails of water, and 2 others held the boats and filled the buckets.

It took over an hour of our time, and we are lucky it was not very dry or windy, or the community could possibly had a serious and much larger incident to deal with.

Thank you to the folks who noticed the smoke and called it in to Dispatch.

*Note: an unattended campfire can result in charges and a hefty fine by Ministry of Natural Resources.

**Recycling Message**

Recycling is an important means of doing our small part in sustaining our environment. PUFF & PCC have a drop-off spot (chain link enclosure east of our fire hall) for all aluminum pop & alcohol cans as well as liquor & beer bottles. Please NO tin cans or plastic containers. Thank you for supporting our vibrant community centre and fire fighters!

We've got a new helicopter landing pad for emergency medical evacuation. It is now located in front of the main fire hall on Hwy. 641.
Check it out in the Gallery section.