Rules & Regulations

Campfire Regulations

If you're going camping or plan to have a campfire, follow these tips so you can enjoy your campfire safely:

1. Choose a Site

  • Pick a site that is close to a water source and sheltered from the wind.
  • Build your fire on a rock surface or bare dirt.
  • Build your fire at least 3 metres away from logs, stumps, trees and overhanging branches.
  • Build your fire 15 metres away from buildings or tents.

2. Prepare the Site

  • Clear a space (about 2 metres wide) where the fire will be.
  • Make sure you remove pine needles, grass, leaves and twigs.
  • Scrape the area right down to the soil.
  • Be sure you have a pail of water and a shovel to control the fire.

3. Build Your Campfire

  • Keep your fire small - it shouldn't be bigger than 1 metre high and 1 metre wide.
  • Small fires are safer, easier to control and easier to put out.
  • A small fire will also keep your cooking tools from blackening and will let you get close enough to cook.